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DIANNE FLEMING - Visual Artist in a variety of mediums

Raised on Long Island in Garden City, NY, Dianne developed an appreciation
for art & design early on from her parents, both professionals in commercial
art & advertising design, as well as fine artists. Providing access to museums
and all the creative tools needed to inspire a career, she furthered her training
in art and design at the Fashion Inst. of Technology in NYC, leading her to a
15 year long career in sportswear design where she was known for her original
screen-prints and printed textiles.

Experimental in nature and highly motivated to innovate, Dianne moved on to
developing an extremely light & transportable backdrop so unique, it was the first
background product to be patented since canvas 100 years earlier. Painting them
herself with her patented process, Superlite Backdrops' beauty and practicality
quickly became recognized by top photographers & lecturers, with success
following for over 20 years.

During these commercial venues, she produced art pieces.for galleries, art shows
and private homes. Now focusing on her fine art roots, she has come full circle
to resume her love of acrylic abstracts on this same light fabric that helps create
unique textures, as well as acrylic and collage on canvas

With a artist's eye and innovative techniques that has always been her hallmark;
Dianne is now exploring photography as an added medium to her repertoire,
turning ice, glass, everyday objects and nature into their own abstract "artforms".
Having contact with photographers her entire life, it is now time to contribute her
own unique vision - experimenting with sculptural effects, reflection, distortion & light.
Photography with a distinctly graphic flavor can be seen on "Image Gallery" with
much more to come. This website will always be a work in Dianne!
Dianne Fleming now works and resides in Greensboro, NC.